The Southern Province

General Information

A mixture of loosely forested plains and low hills make up the majority of the western landscape. The Ette’myr Mountains stand to the east. The Blind Summit to the south marks the original location of the Golden Tower before Parae ripped it from the mountaintop and lifted it into the clouds. The Fallen Mire is all that remains of the once magical orchards and gardens that surrounded the now-devastated mountain.
The cities of the Southern Province are widely considered to be the cultural and intellectual hubs in Eilora. After the Maulfang War, the province was entrusted to the Elerac family, one of the oldest eladrin bloodlines in Eilora. Instructor Aofen Elerac currently serves as headmaster at the Fountaine Academie in Mythrayn.

Cities and Locations of Note

Caer Thaladris
Shaladrin City
The Blind Summit

The Southern Province

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