Maulfang War

Nearly three hundred years ago, the evil dragons of the world thought themselves to be the true gods of the “lesser races”. In their arrogance they challenged the Eiloran Pantheon, insisting that the gods were weak and complacent, having let the mortal races run amok in the world. The Gods feared direct combat on the Material Plane, because for them to enter they must assume an avatar and take on the mantle of mortality, at least in part. For this reason the good dragons of Eilora defended the Gods with the help of the many good races. This way Gods would only rarely need to utilize an avatar, keeping them out of harm’s way as much as possible.

The war raged between the forces of the evil dragons, known as the Maul, and the Gods of Eilora and their allies for thirty years before the tide began to turn in the favor of the Gods. Led by the archmage Parae, the good dragons struck at the heart of the Maul, attempting to unravel the very magicks they had wielded for centuries. Weakened and wounded, the Maul retreated beyond the western horizon, not to be seen for many months. It was thought that the war was finally won.

It was then that the Maul were joined by the race of infernals known as tieflings, who were once considered allies of the good races of Eilora. With help of the tieflings they opened scores of portals which allowed them access to a host of extra-planar allies. Countless evils poured forth to the aid of the Maul. In the vicious battles that followed, the noble race of elves was nearly wiped out. Their eladrin cousins were forced back into their cities, fleeing their own genocide. For two years the remaining good races joined the dragons in their fight against the Maul, though there seemed little hope. Attempt after attempt was made to close the extra-planar portals and banish the tiefling allies, sealing the fate of the Maul. It was Parae who then discovered that it was only with the power of the Maul themselves that this could be done, for at each portal it was the heart of a foul dragon that fed its magic.

With the help of Grand Witch Yllandra, Parae forged the Maulfang. Deceptively ordinary looking, the Maulfang appeared to be no more than a simple dagger. Historic descriptions of the Maulfang vary greatly, save for one detail all tellings agree upon: Inset into the hilt was a blackened, scorched ruby that would pulse when near the heart of a dragon, almost as though it were beating in time. With it they thought to stab and destroy the dragon hearts that fed the portals, hopefully closing them forever.

Together, Parae and Yllandra took the Maulfang to the Gods to present them with the weapon that would end the war. They ascended the Golden Tower together, calling the Gods to their avatars. It was here that Parae was betrayed. Though she could not kill the Gods outright, Yllandra used the Maulfang to cut out their eyes, blinding them to the Material Plane and its inhabitants. In his rage, Parae nearly destroyed Yllandra, cursing her and the Maulfang and leaving her for dead on the mountain as he used his powerful magic to rip the Golden Tower from its perch and ascended with it and the Gods to the clouds.

It was the great King Errok Thaladrin who found the Maulfang upon the mountain, though no sign could be found of Yllandra. It was the great King Errok who braved and bested the curse and used the Maulfang to destroy the dragon hearts and close the portals. Leading the full army of good dragons himself, they set upon every portal in Eilora, silencing the beating hearts one by one. Without their allies from beyond the planes, the Maul could not hope for victory. They escaped through the portals themselves, fleeing across the many planes. The King and his army of good dragons gave chase. They have yet to return.

King Errok’s youngest son Kelris assumed the Ivory Throne when his older brother Vandrek joined their father in pursuit of the Maul. Kelris’ older sister Triel was next in line but disappeared to hunt down the betrayer Yllandra, not to be seen again. Kelris, though exceptionally wise, was sickly from birth and died shortly thereafter without leaving an heir. On his deathbed he divided his father’s kingdom into five provinces. He gave control of the provinces to five Guardian Families, drawing from each a promise to concede their power should a Thaladrin blood-heir ever be found.

Maulfang War

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