Guardian Families

After the Maulfang War, King Kelris Thaldrin divided the lands into five provinces on his deathbed, entrusting each to a guardian family.

The Northern Province was entrusted to the human Bartholomew family. The current patron, Magistrate Balteg Bartholomew, sits at the head of a council of trade barons in Harborstead who in turn govern the various cities within the province.

The mountainous Eastern Province was entrusted to the dwarven Maulbane clan. The residing patron, Lord Fargus Maulbane, sits at the head of the Mithril Table in the province capitol of Eregrym.

The wild Western Province was entrusted to the human Barregos family. The eldest caretaker, Lord Victor Barregos leads his fellow Wardens in policing not only the vast wilderness that comprises the bulk of the province, but also the various small towns that dot the landscape.

The Southern Province was entrusted to the eladrin Elerac family. The current lord, Instructor Aofen Elerac serves as headmaster to the Fountain Academie, the highest house of learning in all of Eilora.

The fifth province, known as The Feyscar, was entrusted to the human Isadren family. Here the matron, Lady Sera Isadren (the human wife of Instructor Aofen Elerac) works tirelessly with her people, colonists of sorts, to bring life back to the scorched and scarred lands.

Twice each year the heads of the guardian families travel to Caer Thaldris to hold council.

Guardian Families

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