Game Notes


The remaining Teiflings were hunted down and killed whenever found, though they remain throughout Eilora in hiding. Many escaped with the dragons through the portals. It is not known how many survive today. It is because of their betrayal that most extra-planar beings are feared and reviled by the natural races of Eilora to this day. Players may not currently play a tiefling in Eilora.

Dragonborn are also considered unwelcome by the other races of Eilora, though mostly out of ignorance and superstition. Dragons themselves have not been seen since the war and the presence of a Dragonborn, though sometimes suffered, is considered a bad omen. There are very few who reside within the provinces. Though not restricted, players who choose to be dragonborn should be aware that most interaction with the people of the provinces is unwise and they should remain as hidden as possible lest their presence draw the attention of an angry mob or worse.

Also due to the events of the Maulfang War, Deva are looked upon with some suspicion, though they are actually a natural race of Eilora. Their otherworldly appearance tends to frighten the more uneducated and superstitious people, though enough is known about them to know they are not a threat. No restrictions, but players should again be aware that some people of Eilora may not react favorably to them, though not as dramatically as to dragonborn.

The Elves that survive hide deep within the Chantrea Forest of the Western Province. None have ventured out beyond the borders of the forest, save for rare, secret excursions to meet with the Wardens. Players may play as elves but should also be prepared for extreme reactions from NPCs, from blatant disbelief to awestruck adoration. Half-elves are similarly rare and suffer similar reactions, depending on their appearance.


The large cities of the Southern Province are much more welcoming to dragonborn and deva characters. Many can be found in the markets and schools there. There are even rumors of tieflings walking freely through the streets, though under the close watch of the guards.

Game Notes

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