Game Day 7
Return to Ferringshire

This game day was short, as the party returned to the Monastery and then traveled the long road back to Ferringshire to report to Lord Barregos, escorting a small caravan of dwarves on the road. Along the way they find a group of seekers whom they had seen around the ruins previously. Sensing they were up to no good, the party is defensive and discovers a plot to rob them. The other party had heard of their success with the White Lady and wanted to claim “their share” of the treasure.

After a long battle, the party continues on their journey. After several more days of travel, the party is attacked at their camp one night by a large group of lizardmen. Another long, exhaustive battle ensues, with Marach nearly being dragged off into a nearby swamp. The party is victorious, however, and within a couple more days is able to arrive safely at Ferringshire.

They immediately report to Lord Barregos and he thanks them for their help and information, and leaves them to pursue their own paths.

After leaving Lord Barregos, the party encounters some trouble on one of the river docks. A large crate of fire beetles falls and nearly kills a man, but a nearby woman pushes him out of the way. The party is engaged in another battle by the enraged beetles, but has little difficulty in defeating them.

After the fight, the party defends the woman who saved the other man’s life after she is accused of her “mistress” of being careless and causing the damage herself. The gathered crowd is impressed by the party’s quick action and quick wit afterward, including a woman who approaches the party with a prospect.

Game Day 6
The White Lady

The party battles their way to the top of the tower and finds Lady Saharel imprisoned in an arcane circle, surrounded by pillars. They also find an old man cowering in the corner, begging for mercy. After much investigation, the party attempts to free the lady by removing pillars. As they are doing so, none of them notice that where the “helpless” old man was is now a very large demon. A fierce battle ensues, with the party barely able to defeat the beast.

Shortly after the battle, portals begin to appear and several tieflings come through. As the party engages them, one motions to Snickles that he is a friend. He slips back through his portal after telling Snickles how to free the Lady, and letting the party kill his “associates”.

Afterward, the party has little trouble freeing Lady Saharel. She is thankful and in return for their bravery, she grants them each a prophecy in response to a question:

Bristle: Who do I need to kill to stop them from opening more portals to the lower planes?
“Many serve the one who holds the keys to the gates you now see throughout Eilora. She who was lost now hungers for revenge, and plots to reclaim that which was denied. She is the author you seek. It is her will that pens this tale, but be wary, storyteller, for the ink upon your own page is far from dry. ”
Haldir: What is the answer to Faldug’s question?
“Take this to heart, survivor of those distant, lonely nights: The dreams and desires of one are not to be idly brought to light by another. To honor your request, however, I will appear to the dwarf Faldug twelve days hence, and set his mind at ease.”
Marach: Where is the Maulfang?
“You, of the ancient soul, ask yourself why you seek the Maulfang. The Lost Blade and the Lost Lord share a common thread, for both tales end in questions. To discover the answers to one, you must seek the fate of the other. Errok’s Rest will point the way. Seek the fang within the mouth of the beast.”
Misty: How is the portal from the cave near Caldis connected to the Maulfang War?
“The portal you saw was but a shade of the power of those used during the War between gods and dragons. It is, however, a beginning to the same end. But keep hope, for though the fel magicks of the Maul are found once again, they are yet to be mastered. The Battle Without an End begins anew and these gates are the very trumpets that signal the charge. Upon this battlefield you may find your glory, would-be champion, and the light that comes from stepping out of your mother’s shadow.”
Morbi: How does Iri’shar know me?
“Poor child of the fey, the truth you believe is naught but a lie. Long ago, it was, when you fell, defending your life and your lands from the Maul. But Wynn’s blade was dull and his cut incomplete. The spirit would not release the dreams of the body, and you were doomed to wander in shadow, finding no rest. I fear to tell you that it was the infernal worshipper of Hexen who plucked your lost spirit from the dark, but for what purpose I cannot see.”

The party takes several minutes to absorb all that Lady Saharel has told them. She warns that her captor is returning and that she must flee. The party hides on the stairs as more portals begin to appear, bringing several tieflings and elementals to the top of the tower, Iri’shar included. Iri’shar is furious that Lady Saharel escaped. As he begins berating his men, Snickles reveals himself with several taunts. Iri’shar tells his men to kill Snickles as he disappears back through his portal.

As yet another battle ensues, the party comes to Snickles’ aid and discovers that one of the tieflings is the one who helped them earlier. He helps the party once again by fighting alongside them. Together, they have little trouble dispatching the tieflings and their elementals.

Afterward, the Iados introduces himself as a turncoat who is working with Lady Sera Isadren to undermine Iri’shar’s plans from the inside. Unfortunately he can give the party very little information about what is happening with the portals. They come up with a plan to have Iados return to Iri’shar through a portal with Snickles’ armor and the copy of the Maulfang to convince him that he is dead. Iados leaves and says he’ll try to get messages to them as he is able.

The party returns to the Monastery to rest.

Game Day 5
Into the Scepter Tower

Finally rested after barricading themselves within the vampire’s chamber, the party fights through more of the undead in the catacombs, finally reaching the lower levels of the Scepter Tower. Upon entering they find a large, sealed chest which appears to have a very deadly trap and a complex arcane lock requiring some sort of key to open. The party recognizes part of the key slot as similar to pieces of alabaster they found earlier in the vampire’s cache. Thinking they have found part of the key, they decide to search out the rest as they continue to explore the Tower while looking for Lady Saharel.

The party encounters cunning traps, spellcasters, and grotesque spider-like humanoids as they ascend a few floors of the Scepter Tower. Carefully making their way up each flight of stairs, it is Morbi who first encounters Iri’shar, the tiefling they encounter before in the cave near Caldis. He tries, unsuccessfully, to bribe Morbi into leaving the tower to “let him continue with his work”. He even gives the party the complete key to the arcane lock on the chest below, promising them the riches within. When his offers are continually rejected, he angrily disappears into another portal, ordering a large group of kobold slaves to attack the party. After quickly dispatching the weak kobolds, the party discovers that Iri’shar left the arcane key, seemingly as a taunt.

The party finds that the completed key does, in fact, open the sealed chest. Inside they find many treasures of ancient Rithamudra’nevek, along with another note from Iri’shar, asking the party to take these “gifts” and leave. Also within the chest is a cryptic note for Misty, leaving her a gleaming set of armor “in deference to your mother”. This raises further questions about Iri’shar and how he knows both Morbi and now Misty.

Confused and again exhausted, the party decides to rest.

Game Day 4
The Catacombs below Rivergard

The party enters the Catacombs in search of the underground entrance to the Scepter Tower. Within they find scores of undead rising to stop them throughout the various chambers. Skeletons, Specters, Baneshard Skeletons, and more hinder the party as they fight their way through.

Deep in the tunnels they find a lone vampire sitting atop a throne of coffins. He engages the party, dominating the minds of the players one at a time, forcing them to turn on each other. The fight is long and many times a party member is almost lost, but they defeat the vampire in the end, claiming his treasures as their own.

Exhausted and badly in need of rest, the party barricades his chamber and makes camp.

Game Day 3
The Ramparts

The party enters the repaired section of wall in the northern area of Rivergard. Inside they are met with force by halflings who seem to be wererats! The party battles their way through the inside of the wall, fighting off the halfling wererats and their allies, including human guards and feral dogs, through many rooms and levels.

Finding tunnels beneath the wall, the party continues, fighting more halfling wererats and finding a large room, where the apparent wererat leader slips away from combat, disappearing without a trace.

Further on, the party comes to a room with three living statues guarding a door to the lower tunnels. They fight the statues, destroying them quickly and deciding that this is a good place to rest before descending into the catacombs beyond.

Game Day 2

When the party returns to Caldis, they inform Captain Farson of the events in the goblin cave and of the portal they discovered. The Captain gets very upset about the use of portal magic near his town, which is outlawed throughout Eilora. He decides that Lord Victor Barregos in Ferringshire should be informed at once and starts to dispatch a patrol.

Suddenly more sounds of battle and warning cries from the guards come from outside the small fort. More teiflings are assaulting the small town, this time with a large number of elementals at their command. Captain Farson asks the party to travel quickly to Ferringshire to warn Lord Barregos and to get aid for Caldis, says he can now spare no men to do so himself. The guards are hard-pressed and the party tries to stay to help the town, but Captain Farson orders them out through the north gate, assuring them his forces can hold the town.

The party travels swiftly along the road to Ferringshire (a three day trek on foot), stopping only briefly to rest at night. On the second day they are met by three Wardens. They quickly tell the Wardens of Caldis’s peril, and two of the Wardens quickly speed their horses to the town. The third Warden calls into the nearby woods in a foreign tongue, summoning large stags for the party to ride as he guides them the rest of the way to Ferringshire.

Once the party arrives, they are quickly taken to see Lord Barregos. They find him in his personal quarters, conversing with Lady Isadren from her home in the Feyscar through a magical scrying pool. The party discovers that evidence of portal activity has been found all over the five provinces recently, but Caldis was the first town to be attacked as far as they knew. Lady Isadren has been trying to discover who is using the new portals through magical means, but has been unsuccessful, saying that something is blocking her sight. She tells the party of Lady Saharel, the ancient prophetic spirit who now haunts the ruins of Rivergard, and that she believes if anyone could have the answers they need, it is the spirit. Lady Saharel has been known to appear to those within the ruins and answer any single question they may ask.

The two guardians convince the party to travel to Rivergard and seek Lady Saharel, but tell them that the spirit seems to be in danger somehow. Lady Isadren has scryed the spirit atop the Scepter Tower in Rivergard, apparently trapped there.

Within a few hours the party is on its way to Rivergard, riding spectral mounts provided by Lord Barregos. They arrive within two days at the Monastery of the Precipice outside of the ruins and begin their search for the spirit of the Lady. After speaking with the monks and the other seekers, the party discovers that the Scepter Tower is one of the few remaining buildings in the ruins and that it is seemingly impenetrable from the outside. However, rumors tell of catacombs beneath the ruins that may have an entrance, but no one has found them. It is also said that Lady Saharel sometimes appears to those who rebuild or repair a portion of the decaying ruins, which many of the seeker attempt.

The party sets out into the ruins and, after a couple of brief encounters with kobolds, discovers that there are secret tunnels beneath the ruins that connect with the catacombs, but they have all been collapsed by the “filthy halflings to the north”. The party investigates this claim, finding a rebuilt potion of the northern city wall that has apparently become the home of someone or something.

Game Day 1 - 3/20/11
Caldis is under attack!

The party engages the attackers near the west gate of Caldis. The guards rush to join them as several fire and water elementals pour through the gate, a handful of cloaked figures behind.

As the players move to defend the town, Snickles tells a nearby guard to locate Captain Farson and to get reinforcements. The guard ignores the gnome’s orders, however, refusing to turn from the fight near the gates.

In the first rounds of combat, the cloaked figures are revealed to be tieflings. They are obviously controlling the elementals because when one of the tieflings are wounded, any nearby elementals noticeably slow down for a moment. With this information the tieflings become the main targets and the long battle is won by the party, with the help of the guards. The bodies hold little of value, except for a pair of Acrobat Boots that are given to Haldir. A surviving tiefling warns that “She is coming!” and that someone named Iri’shar is responsible for the attack before attempting to kill himself.

At Captain Farson’s request, the party leaves Caldis toward the western foothills to look for the origin of the attack. Not long after, the party encounters a large group of fleeing goblins rushing toward them blindly. The party chooses diplomacy in this encounter, learning that the goblins flee from “demons of fire and water” when their den was overtaken. After learning the location of the den, the party tells the goblins to remain hidden here and they they would return when the den is clear.

The players easily locate the small cave opening of the goblin den. Entering the large main chamber, they find nothing immediately except a large pillar of magical flames blocking entry to the rear of the den. When the flame is approached, though, a huge earth elemental comes bounding out from behind a large column, previously unseen.

The elemental is felled quickly as the party sets upon it with devastating attacks. After inspecting the elemental further, they players see a sword hilt sticking out from the rear of the elemental’s torso. Working it free, they find a beautiful new Inescapable Greatsword (+1) for Misty.

After the earth elemental is defeated the flame pillar also disappears, exposing short tunnel cut into the rock. It leads around a sharp left turn where the party stops, hearing voices ahead. Another tiefling, flanked by two more fire elementals, is facing away from the party, looking into a large arcane portal. A female voice is speaking with him about the portal stability.

As the party moves in to surprise the tiefling, they call the name “Iri’shar” to see if the he reacts. He does, recognizing the name as his own, and sets his elementals on the party, but not before recognizing Morbi and saying cryptically “You again? It’s nothing personal, I assure you.” He then steps through the portal and disappears.

As the party fights the fire elementals, a dretch joins the fight from the portal as it closes behind it. Two previously invisible air elementals also join the fray. Though wounded, the party prevails. They find that the portal runes are destroyed on this end. A quick search reveals a Staff of Storms (+1) for Marach and a note that reads:

Notify me immediately when the portal is stable. Feel free to test its capability with as many elementals as you need. Remember, do not draw unnecessary attention to yourselves. Complete your tasks and return to Tandir as instructed.

The party reasons that the attack on Caldis was obviously a mistake, as whomever wrote the note didn’t want attention brought to the portal. They decide to return to Captain Farson and inform him of the events at the cave.

The story so far...
Let's start at the beginning

Snickles the bard had finally found the heroine for his first great work. He spied the human paladin Misty from across the inn. Her clear voice carried well above the noise and conversations of the common room. As she sternly rebuffed the advances of some intoxicated townsmen, her deva companion, Marach, sat quietly, amused by the familiar scenario. He knew Misty’s beauty was deceptive. She was tall and powerfully built and she did not appreciate the slurred catcalls of the drunken men.

Snickles turned to his companions Haldir and Morbi to give them the exciting news. The gnome knew that together the five of them would have amazing adventures across amazing lands, meeting amazing people. What more could the greatest composer of his generation ask for?

The party begins in the town of Caldis in the Western Province. They are discussing their upcoming plans for adventure in a local tavern when suddenly a commotion is heard from outside. A warning horn from the town guard sounds. Caldis is under attack!


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