Game Day 7

Return to Ferringshire

This game day was short, as the party returned to the Monastery and then traveled the long road back to Ferringshire to report to Lord Barregos, escorting a small caravan of dwarves on the road. Along the way they find a group of seekers whom they had seen around the ruins previously. Sensing they were up to no good, the party is defensive and discovers a plot to rob them. The other party had heard of their success with the White Lady and wanted to claim “their share” of the treasure.

After a long battle, the party continues on their journey. After several more days of travel, the party is attacked at their camp one night by a large group of lizardmen. Another long, exhaustive battle ensues, with Marach nearly being dragged off into a nearby swamp. The party is victorious, however, and within a couple more days is able to arrive safely at Ferringshire.

They immediately report to Lord Barregos and he thanks them for their help and information, and leaves them to pursue their own paths.

After leaving Lord Barregos, the party encounters some trouble on one of the river docks. A large crate of fire beetles falls and nearly kills a man, but a nearby woman pushes him out of the way. The party is engaged in another battle by the enraged beetles, but has little difficulty in defeating them.

After the fight, the party defends the woman who saved the other man’s life after she is accused of her “mistress” of being careless and causing the damage herself. The gathered crowd is impressed by the party’s quick action and quick wit afterward, including a woman who approaches the party with a prospect.



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