Game Day 6

The White Lady

The party battles their way to the top of the tower and finds Lady Saharel imprisoned in an arcane circle, surrounded by pillars. They also find an old man cowering in the corner, begging for mercy. After much investigation, the party attempts to free the lady by removing pillars. As they are doing so, none of them notice that where the “helpless” old man was is now a very large demon. A fierce battle ensues, with the party barely able to defeat the beast.

Shortly after the battle, portals begin to appear and several tieflings come through. As the party engages them, one motions to Snickles that he is a friend. He slips back through his portal after telling Snickles how to free the Lady, and letting the party kill his “associates”.

Afterward, the party has little trouble freeing Lady Saharel. She is thankful and in return for their bravery, she grants them each a prophecy in response to a question:

Bristle: Who do I need to kill to stop them from opening more portals to the lower planes?
“Many serve the one who holds the keys to the gates you now see throughout Eilora. She who was lost now hungers for revenge, and plots to reclaim that which was denied. She is the author you seek. It is her will that pens this tale, but be wary, storyteller, for the ink upon your own page is far from dry. ”
Haldir: What is the answer to Faldug’s question?
“Take this to heart, survivor of those distant, lonely nights: The dreams and desires of one are not to be idly brought to light by another. To honor your request, however, I will appear to the dwarf Faldug twelve days hence, and set his mind at ease.”
Marach: Where is the Maulfang?
“You, of the ancient soul, ask yourself why you seek the Maulfang. The Lost Blade and the Lost Lord share a common thread, for both tales end in questions. To discover the answers to one, you must seek the fate of the other. Errok’s Rest will point the way. Seek the fang within the mouth of the beast.”
Misty: How is the portal from the cave near Caldis connected to the Maulfang War?
“The portal you saw was but a shade of the power of those used during the War between gods and dragons. It is, however, a beginning to the same end. But keep hope, for though the fel magicks of the Maul are found once again, they are yet to be mastered. The Battle Without an End begins anew and these gates are the very trumpets that signal the charge. Upon this battlefield you may find your glory, would-be champion, and the light that comes from stepping out of your mother’s shadow.”
Morbi: How does Iri’shar know me?
“Poor child of the fey, the truth you believe is naught but a lie. Long ago, it was, when you fell, defending your life and your lands from the Maul. But Wynn’s blade was dull and his cut incomplete. The spirit would not release the dreams of the body, and you were doomed to wander in shadow, finding no rest. I fear to tell you that it was the infernal worshipper of Hexen who plucked your lost spirit from the dark, but for what purpose I cannot see.”

The party takes several minutes to absorb all that Lady Saharel has told them. She warns that her captor is returning and that she must flee. The party hides on the stairs as more portals begin to appear, bringing several tieflings and elementals to the top of the tower, Iri’shar included. Iri’shar is furious that Lady Saharel escaped. As he begins berating his men, Snickles reveals himself with several taunts. Iri’shar tells his men to kill Snickles as he disappears back through his portal.

As yet another battle ensues, the party comes to Snickles’ aid and discovers that one of the tieflings is the one who helped them earlier. He helps the party once again by fighting alongside them. Together, they have little trouble dispatching the tieflings and their elementals.

Afterward, the Iados introduces himself as a turncoat who is working with Lady Sera Isadren to undermine Iri’shar’s plans from the inside. Unfortunately he can give the party very little information about what is happening with the portals. They come up with a plan to have Iados return to Iri’shar through a portal with Snickles’ armor and the copy of the Maulfang to convince him that he is dead. Iados leaves and says he’ll try to get messages to them as he is able.

The party returns to the Monastery to rest.



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